Recognized Donors

The ARLIS/NA ON chapter would like to express our gratitude to the following organizations and individuals whose continued support of our fundraising initiatives has made it possible for our chapter to contribute to our community in a meaningful way:


Borie, Juliya (and family)

Budziakowska, Maria (and family)

Bruno, Melissa (and family)

Chudolinska, Marta

Diamond, Sara

English, Margaret

Fabbro, Robert

Forrester, James

Henderson, Lee

Huang, Weifang

Leahey, Amber

McKenzie, Karen

Moorse, Tammy

Mulder, Harriet

Murphy, Patricia

Patrick, Jill

Payne, Daniel

Puchalski, Irene

Soltau, Esther

Williamson, Mary


OCAD University students, staff and faculty community