Artviews (Visual Arts Ontario) journal issues and others to give away

Lucinda Walls, Art, Drama and Music Librarian at Queens University, has the following gift journal issues from Isabel McLaughlin’s personal library to send to a welcoming home:

Artviews – 0381-9515 (published by Visual Arts Ontario 1975-1989, according to Ulrich’s)

v.5,no.1, January/February 1979
v.5,no.2, March/April 1979
v.5,no.3, June/July 1979
v.5,no.4, Fall 1979
v.5,no.5, Winter 1979
v.6,no.2, Summer 1980
v.6,no.3, Fall 1980


Art magazine (appears as artmagazine on cover) – 0004-3257 (Society of Canadian Artists in Toronto, published between 1969-1984)

v.6,no.21, Spring 1975

Artmagazine – 0318-6644 (published by artmagazine Inc.)

v.9,no.38/39, June 1978 (this one is slightly rippled due to water but still usable, no mold)

Artscanada – 0004-4113

v.27,no.6, issue no. 162/163, Dec 1971/Jan 1972 (special issue called The Eskimo World)
v.30,nos.5/6, issue nos. 184/185/186/197, Dec 1973/Jan/1974 (special 30th anniversary double issue: Stones, bones and skin: Ritual and Shamanic art)
v.32,no.2, issue nos. 198/199, June 1975 (issue entitled: The artist as historian)


Rotunda (variously the bulletin, or the magazine of The Royal Ontario Museum)

v.2,no.4, Fall 1969
v.10,no.3, Fall 1977
v.11,no.4, Winter 1978/79
v.12,no.1 Spring 1979-v.13,no.4, Winter 1980/81 (includes all four issues for each volume)

Please contact Lucinda Walls at if you would like any of these.