Membership Outreach Strategic Task Force: Call for Participants

What: Membership Outreach Strategic Task Force
Mandate: The task force has been created to ensure ongoing renewal and sustainability within the chapter. The single biggest challenge of a chapter with such a large geographic area is the ability to foster and maintain a culture of inclusiveness. To this end, we are seeking input from our members on how to ensure that this culture endures and to create additional forums through which the chapter can maintain a closely interwoven fabric moving forward. Any and all suggestions are not only welcome, but actively encouraged.

Actions: We hope to have a report prepared by the summer in which we will outline the current situation and make proposals for any changes to the current framework for membership outreach and best practices.

Who: All members who are interested in participating in this initiative are welcome, specifically those outside the GTA.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Membership Outreach Strategic Task Force Co-ordinators:

Katya Pereyaslavska
Scholars Portal
Project Manager, Accessible Texts Repository
phone: 416-978-7216

Stephen Spong
Ontario College of Art and Design Library
Cataloguing Librarian, Dorothy H. Hoover Library

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